Discovering Historic Richmond, VA

We were thrilled when the good people at Richmond Magazine reached out to us with a request to use our recording of Sandy River Belles as background music for a wonderful interactive feature. If you have a few minutes to kill head over to their Web site and learn about a historic dig which uncovered […]

NY Magazine Approves of Us

Here’s an interesting fact, NY Magazine has recommended the Strung Out String Band in their annual wedding issue as the best option for those searching for a “laid back, good times vibe”. And, they made this recommendation not once, not twice, but three years. We’re flattered, NYMag. You’re making our banjo strings tremble. If you’d […]

A Wedding in Hudson, NY

We were thrilled to provide the entertainment for a lovely wedding at The Hill in Hudson, NY. Having played more weddings than you can fit into banjo head, we fashion ourselves connoisseurs of a sort. Rarely have we been to a wedding more idyllically sited or filled with guests as fun as those here. We […]

The Melody Sheiks

When we first started the Strung Out String Band our banjo (and accordion) player was the inimitable Ilan Moss. Ilan moved to Paris many moons ago but fear not, the years of drinking pastis while listening to chanson have not lessened his skills in American music. In fact, while travelling the back streets of Paris […]

A 40 Second Video Clip

We’re not entirely sure why a fan would post a 40 second clip of us playing the end of a song but someone did just that. This video was taken as we busked outside at Meatopia on a beautiful July day on Governor’s Island. Watch the video to hear (and see) the last 40 seconds of the Strung Out String Band playing Katy Kline.

Nate interviewed about Old Timey music

Last summer our fiddle player Nate Landau sat down for a brief video interview about the Bibb County Hoedown, old timey music and busking at the Union Square green market when the bottom fell out of the tech bubble in 2001.

R.I.P. Freddy’s Old Time Jam

For the past seven years the Strung Out String Band has organized an old time jam at Freddy’s Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We’ve loved every minute of the banjo banging, fiddle dripping, murder ballad swilling good times. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you know, Freddy’s is finally slated for Ratner’s wrecking ball. No more old […]

Clog Dancing On The Porch

Following up on the recent video we posted of an old-timey house party we found this video from 1964 featuring Bascom Lunsford dancing and playing music on the porch of a friend. Great music and great clogging.

Robby’s Video Interview

The Strung Out String Band’s very own banjo player Robby O’Sullivan is a YouTube star! He was recently interviewed about playing Soldier’s Joy on the banjo and how he got involved in New York City’s Old Time Music scene.

We love clogging!

If this doesn’t seem like one of the best house parties you’ve ever seen you probably shouldn’t be visiting the Strung Out String Band’s website. Many of the people in this documentary footage are related to one of our band members. Can you guess which one?