About the Band

The Strung Out String Band is based in New York City and plays energetic dance music from several traditions and epochs. As dedicated interpreters of the “Old Time Southern” music, we aim to blast audiences into a frenzied dimension of ecstatic boogieing using fiddle, banjo, guitar, upright bass, a metallic reedy mouth buzzing toy-like thing called a harmonica, and, in the great tradition of those who followed before us, anything we can get our hands on that can create a musical tone.

We’ve built up our repertoire by huddling around 1930’s Hillbilly recordings, learning from our friends in New York’s Old Time Music community and from traveling into the mountains of rural Appalachia with our ears to the ground.

Contents: Virginal Reels, Slip-Jigs, Hoedowns, Work Songs, Murder Ballads, Jigs, Rags, Square Dances, Originals and an ACDC Cover or two.

What the critics are saying:

“You boys are out of your friggin’ minds!”
– Andreas Ugorskij, Danish Guitar Player

“Can I get on your mailing list?”
– Unknown woman with black hair after gig.

“It’s really good but couldn’t you play something more marketable?”
– An unnamed bandmember’s mother

Strung Out Band Members

We like to think of ourselves as a collective rather than a band. Five of us form a core group who actually spend time rehearsing (let the applause start here….) and argue over the finer points of cross tuning fiddles or whether banjos should be played with capos.

We are often joined by many other fine musicians who have at one time or another added their musicianship and love of all things anachronistic to the Strung Out String Band.