A Wedding in Hudson, NY

We were thrilled to provide the entertainment for a lovely wedding at The Hill in Hudson, NY. Having played more weddings than you can fit into banjo head, we fashion ourselves connoisseurs of a sort. Rarely have we been to a wedding more idyllically sited or filled with guests as fun as those here. We had a great time regaling the revelers with two-steps and reels as they played lawn games and swilled bespoke cocktails.

All photos were taken by Fabrice Tranzer.

This shindig was our last of 2013 but we look forward to the many weddings we’ll be playing in 2014. Onward.

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  1. Aygerim says: | Reply

    I have tried numerous times to view the band sheudelcs and cannot. When I try Sunday. There is an empty page. It must be something that I am doing incorrectly. Is there another way to view the bands for both days?

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